3 Ways To Request Customer Feedback And Online Reviews By Email

The majority of businesses using our platform utilize the proactive process of emailing their customers for feedback and online reviews.  Did you know that GetFiveStars offers 3 different formats for your first feedback request email (or even just a review request email)?

We do, and each one has it’s own specific purpose – to get you customer feedback, a review or both.

customer feedback email

Let’s look at the 3 options our platform offers for requests and show you how to enable or create each one so that you can get the most out of GetFiveStars.

1- Customer Feedback Request Default or “Classic” Version

This is the feedback request email format enabled in our platform by default when you first start your account with us. You can edit the subject line, content and branding of the feedback request.


feedback default

Main Focus:  Get the customer to give feedback by clicking the GIVE FEEDBACK button.

Why:  This version thanks your customers for their business, asks them for feedback and sends them to the customer feedback landing page where you can capture your NPS score, offer up survey questions and get customer feedback and comments that you can show in your Testimonial Widget.  There is a reason why it is the default version in our platform – for most businesses it offers the maximum value.

Pros: What’s best about this version?

  • This version gets you the most detailed feedback results from your customers
  • You can capture your Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Capture survey question scoring on price, service, results, etc.; you decide
  • You will get 10x to 15x the amount of customer feedback vs reviews, and it is VERY valuable and provides you with WAY more insight than just reviews
  • Generate customer testimonials and ratings to use on your website with the Testimonial Widget

Cons: There are a few steps to this process before asking for an online review.

Set-Up:  This is the default feedback request email in our platform. Visit SETTINGS, then EMAIL TEMPLATES and then edit the very top template on that page. The default language is already there to use “as is” or you can customize your content. Make sure the tag of [provide feedback] remains for the GIVE FEEDBACK button to appear.

2- “Ratings Only” Feedback Request Version

As some customers asked for a more direct route to obtaining online reviews, we released the “ratings only” setting in the platform over a year ago. This version brings the Net Promoter Score question right into the feedback request email and puts your customer into the positive feedback flow (review links) or negative feedback flow in just one click. This version also does NOT ask the customer for their comments or feedback, so the only typing they do is to leave an online review.


NPS rating email

Main Focus:  Quickly capture NPS and ask for an online review

Why:  The best use for this version in my opinion is if you already have a great collection of customer testimonials and a strong NPS score. You already have valuable marketing content and know that you are exceeding customer expectations consistently. You want to reduce the steps and effort for your customer to leave an online review so you can make that happen in one click and then only ask for the effort of typing when writing a review on Google, Facebook or another site.

Pros: What’s best about this version?

  • You capture your NPS score
  • You still segment happy and unhappy customer flows
  • You get customers to the review links fast, with just one click

Cons:  You lose the ability to capture customer feedback – good or bad – that can help you identify a problem, help save a customer, get feedback to use in marketing or push positive testimonials to your website with our widget. You also can’t use the Survey Questions feature.

Set-up: The setting to enable the “Ratings Only” version is located under SETTINGS, then click on FEEDBACK SETTINGS. Scroll past the page templates and editors and you’ll see the group of settings. Check the “Ask For Rating Only” box.

rating setting

Once checked, this replaces the GIVE FEEDBACK button in the feedback request template with the NPS questions and buttons. You do NOT have to edit the feedback request template to use this.

You may notice a sub-setting to this feature as well. This allows you to add a button below the online review site buttons in the positive flow so that a customer can give you direct feedback if they want, not just an online review.  It’s a good idea to use this with this request version.

3- “Customer Choice” Request Version

You can thank our Mike Blumenthal for this version – it allows you to ask for both online reviews and customer feedback in the very first email. This method puts the review choices and the customer feedback choice right up front and lets the customer decide which way to respond. We strongly caution that this version removes the ability to know if your customer is happy or not before asking for a review. This option is best for businesses with a NPS score and a track record of great customer relationships.


request reviews email

Main focus:  Put review links right in front of your customer immediately and still offer a feedback route. We recommend this ONLY for business with a high NPS score.

Why:  If your only focus is online reviews, this puts that process in its fastest route. As we mentioned above, there are risks in doing this that you must consider. With online review links being right in the feedback request email and a button to GIVE FEEDBACK, you have to hope that happy customers write a review and unhappy customers click to provide the feedback directly to you. But now we’re counting on “hope”. Beware.

Pros: What’s best about this version?

  • The fastest way to request online reviews
  • Review links in your very first email that follows up with the customer
  • GIVE FEEDBACK button that hopefully an unhappy customer uses

Cons:  You can’t capture Net Promoter Score or segment your happy and unhappy customers. You run the risk of putting a frustrated customer in the position to write a bad review. You lose the ability to capture customer feedback, good or bad, that can help you identify a problem, help save your customer, use in all marketing or push positive testimonials to your website with our testimonials widget. You also can’t use the Survey Questions feature.

Set-Up:  The Customer Choice Request Version requires you to customize the default feedback request version we outlined earlier in this post. Go to SETTINGS, then click on EMAIL TEMPLATES and edit the first feedback request template. As you can see from the customer facing example above you will want to change the content of the request to first request an online review (if they are happy) and secondarily request feedback (if they are unhappy).

You will use the  [review links]  tag in the email editor to add the online review sites you have selected in GetFiveStars.


We strongly recommend you work to find the right content to clearly outline what you are asking of the customer if you use this method.  Making your intentions clear to obtain positive reviews is a must and making the customer aware where to direct complaints will help greatly. We give you an example of this in our example images, but you may need to add even more context and direction to this email request to truly maximize it and cover your bases.

Make The Right Request

More than anything, the fact you are asking your customers for feedback of any kind is a huge win. Most businesses fail to do this. Not you.  We hope this post gives you a better understanding of the many options in GetFiveStars for requesting feedback and online reviews. Make an informed decision and get the most out of your customer’s opinion of your business. It truly matters.

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About the Author

Aaron Weiche
Aaron Weiche is the CEO for GetFiveStars.com, a customer feedback and online review platform. Aaron is a digital marketing veteran of over 20 years growing digital agencies small and large in executive roles. Building websites since 1998 and a search marketer since 2004, Aaron helped found MnSearch, is a partner at Local University, speaks nationally on reviews, search marketing, web design and mobile.

4 thoughts on “3 Ways To Request Customer Feedback And Online Reviews By Email

  1. Paul Sherland - August 16, 2016 at 1:30 pm

    Hey Aaron, this is an excellent article! You do a great job of explaining the options and you make the important point that the feedback you collect from option three is not NPS.

    It would be nice if there were an option 4 that placed the NPS rating scale and the comment box in the initial email. The clickable Give Feedback link would be replaced with the NPS question and comments.

    I suggest this because people are weary and wary of surveys. I always modify the default email to assure customers that the survey is only one question and will take less than 2 minutes to complete. Customers might be more likely to start the survey if they see how brief it is in the first email. I suspect that some people may think, “how much time will this take” and not click the Give Feedback link. Maybe the Give Feedback link would be better used for the new longer survey option.

    Thanks again!

  2. Aaron Weiche - August 23, 2016 at 8:15 pm

    Hi Paul- thanks for the comment and suggestion. This isn’t possible based on the technology an email client (like Outlook) uses. It’s unable to “store” data so having a comment box in an email isn’t possible. The “Ratings Only” version uses tracking of what number is clicked to log that score, so the action can be tracked. Hope that makes sense and if email client abilities evolve in the future we will consider this. Thanks!

  3. Hani - May 20, 2017 at 7:51 am

    Thanks Aaron. It’s important to have a strategy for requesting reviews from customers. In addition to regular reviews on Facebook and Google, I like the other options you provide to get feedback and capture and track customer sentiment. Having worked in the marketing research industry I can appreciate the value in presenting a survey to customers instead, or in addition to, review.


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