Enterprise Solutions for Large Brands & Franchises

GetFiveStars can handle brands and franchises with anywhere from 100 to over 10,000 physical locations or storefronts.
Our platform was built with these large scale companies in mind and we have experience getting clients up and running fast.

Scalable & Easy To Implement For Large Location Businesses

We built GetFiveStars with multiple location businesses and franchises in mind. Every aspect of our platform allows for easy onboarding and management of dozens, hundreds or thousands of locations.

Business Importer
We can upload thousands of businesses through our formatted spreadsheet bulk upload in a matter of minutes.

Feedback Request Automation
Our API allows for integration into your CRM or customer database to fully automate the feedback and review request process.

Tag locations by city, region, management team or any other grouping to allow for ease of management and reporting by the categories you already use.

franchise locations

Enterprise Solution Benefits

Implementing GetFiveStars as an enterprise solution for your brand can provide many benefits.  Just some of these are:

Corporate Level Management & Monitoring
Manage our platform and reporting at the corporate level while offering alerts, reporting and location management at the business level

Local Search & Search Engine Optimization
Get local search and SEO benefits as we generate and automatically populate fresh content on your website’s location pages with our Testimonial Widget.  Our testimonials are also coded with schema mark-up for added SEO benefits.

Net Promoter Score Analysis
Capture Net Promoter Score at the business location level to aid in your management and evaluation of that location’s performance and customer service.

Multi Location & Franchise Pricing

Our multiple location customers receive tiered pricing.  The more locations you manage, the better pricing per location each month.  You can view the pricing levels below.

1 locations             $39.95/monthly per location

2 – 10 locations        $29.00/monthly per location

11 – 16 locations       $24.00/monthly per location

17 – 25 locations        $21.00/monthly per location

26 – 40 locations       $18.00/monthly per location

41 – 100 locations        $15.00/monthly per location

100+ locations           $12.00/monthly per location

Have over 500 locations?  Please contact us