Get Customer Feedback, Testimonials and Online Reviews Automated and Hassle-Free

Collect Feedback and Reviews

Our private feedback system helps you collect feedback, identify issues, and share positive reviews and testimonials.

Monitor Online Reviews

Monitor online reviews and customer satisfaction just like big companies do.

Designed for Mobile and Tablet

Designed for mobile and tablet devices so you can access your feedback from anywhere.

Created by Industry Experts

GetFiveStars was created by Mike Blumenthal and Don Campbell based on their real-world experiences working with hundreds of small businesses. We are committed to continuously improving the product and listening to our partners and customers.

Don Campbel

Don Campbell

Don is the founder of Expand2Web and created the popular SmallBiz Wordpress Theme, used by thousands of consultants and "do-it-yourself" business owners. He hosts regular tech sessions with his Expert Membership group and provides extensive online training courses to help business owners navigate the ever-changing landscape of technology.

An Automated System for Gathering Feedback and Reviews gives your business a customer feedback/review management process based on tried and true best practices. It automatically solicits and tracks feedback, prevents bad reviews, pushes testimonials out to your website and encourages happy customers to leave reviews across the Internet.

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GetFiveStars Helps You Build Better Relationships With Your Customers

Happier Clients

"I'm helping my clients connect with their customers to get more online reviews and referrals."

Laura Heuer - Web Consultant

Good Reviews Result In More Sales!

"Our Product sales have gone up since we added a page with customers reviews to our website. Worth every penny."

Andrew Bamford - Business Owner