Google Upgrades Hotel Reviews With Granular Detail & Graphics

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Google has recently update hotel reviews to include much more granular review detail by traveler type about any particular hotel. This was first spotted in testing by Sergey Alakov about a month ago and it has now gone live.

Google’s Goal Of Single Source

Like many recent Google Local updates of late, this addition appears to be one more attempt at creating immersive user experiences that drive the user deeper into Google and to encourage them to spend more time on Google and less on review sites.

Click play below to see more on this new review feature.


Google is using third party review source Trustyou for the granular detail. Google started sharing this detail from Trustyou in late 2015 but this upgrade breaks down the results by traveler type.

It’s interesting that Google, who rejected the granular detail provided by their Zagat acquisition, is once again attempting to achieve something similar via third parties. It will be interesting to see if they provide a similar upgrade in the restaurant world.

If nothing else it is a clear indicator that Google plans on adding more of these immersive travel experiences and they intend to be a primary traveler resource in this area. As I have noted previously if Google can’t get you on the click, they will get you on the clock. They clearly intend for the user to either take an action directly with the business, click on a paid opportunity or stick around to learn more rather than sending these users on to other sites.

By any measure, Google will continue to create these immersive experiences and it appears that reviews will play a large part of that transformation.

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