GetFiveStars Customer Webinar: March 2017

2017 is shaping up to be a great year! In our customer webinar this month, Don shared some product updates on SMS Feedback Requests, our new Reporting release that is coming up in the next week, and gave a sneak peak into some new designs for customer facing emails and landing pages too.

Mike Blumenthal then gave a presentation called Google: Your New Home Page, based on some of his new research. Trust me – if you weren’t able to attend the webinar you should definitely watch this.

Aaron Weiche then shared some tips for improving your customer feedback response rates – some great tips and best practices ranging from when to send your feedback requests, what should be in the subject line, body, and best practices for reminders too. He’s got them all detailed for you in this blog post.

We also had a TON of great questions during the webinar, which led to some great discussions. We even had to go over the hour to get to them. If you missed it, take a look at the webinar recording and slides below!

Watch The Webinar Recording

See the Slides

Thanks for catching up with us on the March webinar!  We have these webinars monthly – you can see past ones and join the next on our Webinar page.

p.s. We just need a few more subscribers to get our own URL on our YouTube Channel. Would you subscribe and help us get there! Thank you! Subscribe to our new YouTube Channel. We will be posting new feature updates, pro tips, and webinar recordings there.

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About the Author

Don is the co-founder of GetFiveStars. Don is a product manager at heart - he loves creating software and refining over and over again to it to make it a pleasure to use. Prior to GetFiveStars , Don was an early member at successful Silicon Valley startups like Interwoven and Expand2Web. His clients have included Red Bull and Microsoft as well. Don lives in the heart of Silicon Valley – San Jose California with his lovely wife and two daughters and loves to travel and surf.

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