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Big Surveys Are A Big Mistake

Your customer’s time is valuable, incredibly valuable.  Many companies seem to forget this when it comes to capturing customer feedback using post experience surveys. When marketing to potential customers, successful campaigns factor in how to make a quick impact knowing that consumers are rarely focused on their messaging.  But somehow, the other end of the […]

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Something Amazing Happened On The Way To A Google Review

For Barbara Oliver, of Barbara Oliver Jewelry, something amazing happened on the way to a Google review. She got answers to her Google Questions. But not just any answer. Google’s Question & Answer Feature Barbara Oliver, like most small business owners, was alarmed when I called her and described the new Google Question & Answer […]

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Understanding Google Schema Guidelines: Review Snippets vs. Critic Reviews

We recently received this question via support:  Google guidelines state the following: “Only include critic reviews that have been directly produced by your site, not reviews from third- party sites or syndicated reviews.” Is it ok to use GetFiveStars’ rich snippet widget? Great question. Google Has 2 Types of Review Guidelines It’s important to understand the two types […]

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