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How Customers Can Build & Defend Your Online Reputation

Here is something you probably see daily online.  An upset customer takes to the Internet to voice their disappointment with a business.  More and more it’s not just on review sites, it’s in your Twitter stream or your Facebook feed. I came across this post on my local community group page this week, the group […]

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Net Promoter Score – Your Word of Mouth Index

Most businesses track their online reviews religiously yet they have no metric to assess an even more important marketing tool; word of mouth. Despite its significance, many small businesses either weren’t aware or found it too difficult to measure this important growth metric. It’s Not Dificult, Enter Net Promoter Score Net Promoter Score (NPS), familiar to most Fortune 500 companies, is just such […]

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Make Using Net Promoter Score Your Small Business’s Next Big Move

Running a small business involves making a lot of decisions on a daily basis, some big and some small.  One decision every successful small business makes on a daily business is to provide great customer service.  But has your business made the decision to capture and evaluate your customer’s experience?  Using Net Promoter Score (NPS) […]

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