April 2018 Customer Webinar Recap

Thanks to all of you who attended our April webinar! These webinars are a highlight for us – it’s our chance to connect with you all directly, show what we’re working on, and get your feedback, ideas and suggestions.

This month, we talked about a very hot topic – the new Google Terms of Service changes for reviews. We had an extensive Q&A about what these changes mean for businesses and agencies, and highlighted changes in our product to remain in compliance with Google.

Watch the webinar video recording to see the demos and discussions

Watch the webinar recording for an in-depth Q&A about the new Google Terms of Service for reviews, and demos of some exciting new product features such as our new navigation menus, email notifications and more:

If you are interested in further reading after watching the webinar, here are a couple of good articles that explore the new Google TOS changes. One of them features our very own Mike Blumenthal:

Product Updates

We are constantly working to improve our product in big and small ways.  Many times the small improvements go unnoticed, and we are working to better communicate those (see our new fledgling changelog).  Here are some upgrades that happened in April that we showed in the webinar:

  • New Navigation Menu in BETA – an elegant new navigation UI – let us know if you want to try it out!
  • Multiple Tabs – you can now have different sessions in different tabs simultaneously
  • New Status messages and icons – we have cleaned up and unified our status messages in the Customer Dashboard
  • New Notification email designs – beautiful new designs for email notifications (see a sneak peek below)
Beautiful new designs for email notifications

New designs for email notifications

View The April Webinar Slides

Thanks for catching up with us in the April webinar!  We have these webinars monthly – you can watch past ones and join the next on our Webinar page.

p.s. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel! Subscribe here our new YouTube Channel. We promise to keep posting interesting stuff there, including new feature updates, pro tips, webinar recordings and more!

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About the Author

Don is the co-founder of GetFiveStars. Don is a product manager at heart - he loves creating software and refining over and over again to it to make it a pleasure to use. Prior to GetFiveStars , Don was an early member at successful Silicon Valley startups like Interwoven and Expand2Web. His clients have included Red Bull and Microsoft as well. Don lives in the heart of Silicon Valley – San Jose California with his lovely wife and two daughters and loves to travel and surf.

2 thoughts on “April 2018 Customer Webinar Recap

  1. Will Gott - April 30, 2018 at 11:36 am

    Great update! Please don’t take away the NPS scoring. This is the #1 reason I am using your product. I have studied NPS and would consider myself an NPS practitioner. This makes this product different that all others, and why I am a huge fan. Please don’t change!!

  2. Aaron Weiche - May 7, 2018 at 4:18 pm

    Thanks Will, NPS isn’t going anywhere. It’s a central piece to our approach and service so you can count on it staying.


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