Customer Feedback & Review Platform For Your Agency

GetFiveStars is built with online marketing agencies in mind. Our Basic Agency and Premium Whitelabel versions
allow you to manage all of your clients with a complete online reputation and review platform at the prices you set.

Basic Agency Account

Ideal for agencies of any size to get started, our basic reseller account has no additional set-up fees after the normal monthly account fee.  All customer data and reviews are yours, but the dashboard and platform content is GetFiveStars branded. We do not hold your customer data hostage and you can move up to the Premium Whitelabel at anytime by contacting us.

Premium Agency Whitelabel Account

Ideal for agencies of any size. All customer communication will contain your company name and/or logo. You will also have a login area for your customers (if desired).

Any mention, branding and links to and from GetFiveStars will be removed. The Whitelabel set-up will include a subdomain (example: with your business name of choice. Contact

One-time Set-up Fee:  $250.00 (non-refundable)

Agency Pricing Tiers

Our pricing tiers allow you to add more locations and reduce the cost per location every month.  We charge you so you charge customers what amount you want.

Your pricing is based on the total number of locations in your account, not per clients you have.  In addition, whatever your total location count is, that is the level you pay for ANY of our plans.  So if you have 32 total locations (of any plan level) and add your first Pro Plus location, it would only be $44/month for that Pro Plus location.
You can view more details on each plan on the pricing page.

  • Locations pricing

  • Email RequestsEmail Requests
  • SMS / Text RequestsSMS / Text Requests
  • Google Q&A MonitoringMonitor and manage content from Google's Q&A feature in the local search results.Google Q&A Monitoring
  • Twitter MonitoringMonitor up to 5 keywords (keywords, handles, hashtags) per location.Twitter Monitoring
  • Review MonitoringReview Monitoring
  • 1 Location1 Location
  • 2-10 Locations Total2-10 Locations Total
  • 11-16 Locations Total11-16 Locations Total
  • 17-25 Locations Total17-25 Locations Total
  • 26-40 Locations Total26-40 Locations Total
  • 41-100 Locations Total41-100 Locations Total
  • Basic

    1,000 new customer profiles
    per month

  • Email Requests1,000 total / 30 per day
  • SMS / Text Requestsno
  • Google Q&A Monitoringno
  • Twitter Monitoringno
  • Review Monitoring5 sites
  • 1 Location$39.95 /month per location
  • 2-10 Locations Total$29 /month per location
  • 11-16 Locations Total$24 /month per location
  • 17-25 Locations Total$21 /month per location
  • 26-40 Locations Total$18 /month per location
  • 41-100 Locations Total$15 /month per location
  • Pro

    3,500 new customer profiles
    per month

  • Email Requests3,000 total / 100 per day
  • SMS / Text Requests200 SMS Credits
  • Google Q&A Monitoringyes
  • Twitter Monitoringyes
  • Review Monitoring10 sites
  • 1 Location$75 /month per location
  • 2-10 Locations Total$55 /month per location
  • 11-16 Locations Total$42 /month per location
  • 17-25 Locations Total$35 /month per location
  • 26-40 Locations Total$32 /month per location
  • 41-100 Locations Total$29 /month per location
  • Pro Plus

    6,000 new customer profiles
    per month

  • Email Requests4,000 total / 130 per day
  • SMS / Text Requests400 SMS Credits
  • Google Q&A Monitoringyes
  • Twitter Monitoringyes
  • Review Monitoring20 sites
  • 1 Location$99 /month per location
  • 2-10 Locations Total$69 /month per location
  • 11-16 Locations Total$55 /month per location
  • 17-25 Locations Total$47 /month per location
  • 26-40 Locations Total$44 /month per location
  • 41-100 Locations Total$41 /month per location
  • Executive

    10,000 new customer profiles
    per month

  • Email Requests7,500 total / 250 per day
  • SMS / Text Requests1,000 SMS Credits
  • Google Q&A Monitoringyes
  • Twitter Monitoringyes
  • Review Monitoring20 sites
  • 1 Location$199 /month per location
  • 2-10 Locations Total$185 /month per location
  • 11-16 Locations Total$170 /month per location
  • 17-25 Locations Total$155 /month per location
  • 26-40 Locations Total$140 /month per location
  • 41-100 Locations Total$125 /month per location

If you have more questions, please contact us or request a demo.